About us

Let me first introduce myself! My name is Ellis and I am 47 years old. I opened my webshop last February 2023. Finally, after years of having a passion for jewelry, I have finally taken the plunge. I'll just open my own webshop!!!

I am married to an Italian man and have 3 sons. We lived in Italy for 12 years and are now back in the Netherlands.

From an early age I grew up surrounded by jewelry. My father had a company where I regularly helped during my holidays. I spent hours pinning earrings on cards, etc. I think that's where my passion started.

I think making the jewelry myself is the most fun. You can then create your own style and make it exactly how you want it. I am very precise and not easily satisfied with the result.

What I find very annoying is that you buy something online that looks very nice in the photo until you receive it at home. You open your package and it is very disappointing. You're really disappointed because you also paid a lot for it!

What I miss is affordable jewelry that looks nice and is also of good quality. Not that they discolour after wearing once or look very cheap. I started working on this and now mainly make chains (but hope to expand this) of good quality and affordable!

So far, I often get comments from customers after they receive the order. They are very happy with it and say it is even more beautiful than in the photos! Maybe a point to improve my photos a bit😉.

Well dear people, enough about me! Take a quick look at my website, maybe there is something nice for you😃! If you have any questions, you can always contact me.